Inheritance tax planning

Understanding the future

When you die your estate will be subject to Inheritance Tax – if you’re not on top of this, then your beneficiaries will receive less than you might want them to.

But with proper inheritance tax planning and great financial advice, inheritance tax can be properly mitigated and, in many cases, properly reduced. We’ll sit down with you and look at where this could be done, how it could help you and your family, and what the next steps are.

Inheritance tax planning, distribute your wealth

There are specific ways to reduce Inheritance tax (IHT planning) – you can distribute wealth and assets to your loved ones before you die, as a gift to family members or through the use of trusts. You might even consider donations to charity or discussing how nil-rate band transfers could be effective.

We’ll be on hand to talk everything through with you – you’ll find that Inheritance Tax links with long term business exit planning, retirement planning and of course, long-term care. You can see it as a wider picture of making sure your retirement is as prosperous as possible.  Let us help you with your inheritance tax planning today.


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